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Nucleus is a streaming and on-demand platform designed to make it easy for radio stations to provide a online catch up radio services. It’s robust, simple to set up, and offers valuable audience insights that aren’t available on regular streaming platforms.

On-demand For Radio

Nucleus is an AAC+ or HLS(with StreamBox) stream recording and playback service that makes it possible for your station to provide On-demand radio through your website, app, or anywhere on the internet.

In most cases adding On-demand increases online listenership by 100%.

 In addition to increased online listenership Nucleus provides valuable listening insights giving you listening analytics on a day, hour, show and episode basis.

The Nucleus platform provides an API that allows you to integrate the service into your own website and app designs.

Nucleus Stream-Box shown here may not look the same as the final product

Nucleus StreamBox (Coming Soon)

The Nucleus Stream-Box is a HLS (Http Live Streaming) live and on-demand encoder for radio. There is no need for a Barrix box, Telos broadcast codec  or expensive server equipment just plug the pre-configured nucleus Stream-Box in and your streaming. It’s streaming made simple!

The Nucleus StreamBox comes with your choice of balanced (XLR In) or unbalanced RCA. (There is also an AES option in development.)

The StreamBox records and uploads your stream directly to the cloud in 10 second chunks and then our stream api delivers your stream as an m3u8 playlist.

With the Nucleus StreamBox you still get the api and rich analytics for each day, hour, show and episode.

Nucleus StreamBox is in beta testing and will be available very soon.

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The Schedule: Set and Forget

Unlike Podcasts, you don’t have to DO anything extra at all to provide shows on-demand. Nothing. No uploading, no remember-to-click-this-button – nothing. Once the Grid Editor is set up for your station everything happens completely automatically, with no manual intervention required.

If you want to take things further the Grid Editor allows stations to experiment with future program schedules and only push them live once they’re happy with how it looks. Stations can input programs, presenters, images, and other metadata using a simple drag-and-drop interface, place programs on a grid with up to 15-minute granularity. The Grid Editor can handle alternating weeks, special events, and automatic grid changes.

Analytics +

Unlike traditional streaming platforms,  Nucleus gives you the ability at any time to view your online listener statistics by date, by program, by episode, by how they listened—whether live or on-demand—even at which streaming rate they selected.

You can select whatever date range you like, and compare listenership to different shows, or even different episodes. Powerful analytics tools such as these can give you valuable insight into the response to your programs, and help you maximize your station’s impact.

For Developers: Nucleus API

Build your radio tools with Nucleus API in mind, and get access to an ecosystem of other tools, all communicating through Nucleus . Nucleus is a Data as a Service (DaaS) supplier, hosted in the cloud. It’s an open database full of information about community radio in Australia. Except for some commercially-sensitive statistics and setup details, the data is open and free to look at by anyone, no login required. We have a simple and logical RESTful JSON-based API, so Nucleus is already compatible with pretty much every modern (and ancient) programming language out there. Nucleus enables data-rich applications.

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